Party Time!

Here I am, once again, to reassure you that I haven’t given up on this blog thing. I honestly thought that with my husband being deployed, I would have a lot more time on my hands. Who was I kidding!? 🙂

A lot of time has passed since my last entry, and so have a lot of things! Most importantly, we celebrated our daughter’s 3rd birthday– Kai Lan style! I swear that I could be a professional party thrower. I had so much fun planning and putting her party together! Every year we go all out, and I spend months of planning and putting everything together. This year I was a bit anxious about having to host it on my own since my husband isn’t here, but we received the greatest birthday gift of all! Daddy came home for a visit!

Orange paper parasols help give an oriental feel to the setting.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a nice picture of the table setting before our guests started to dine.

I made the cake this year just as I do every year. This was the first year i made fondant characters. I think it turned out pretty nice! I also made my own fondant, too.

Reverse side of the cake. The ants were definitely my favorite!

Rainbow Bright!

Our guests were fascinated with the rainbow colors of the cake!

Hand dipped and sprinkled fortune cookies with a special "Happy 3rd Birthday, Claire!" message inside. These were delicious!

We jazzed up the gift table with a banner and chinese lanterns.

Claire shared a small moment with her daddy before opening presents.


A big thank you to all of our guests who came out to celebrate with us. Next year I might have to hire a photographer to take pictures since I obviously cannot multitask very well! 🙂

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Blog Hiatus and a Tote Bag

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog. Sorry it appears that I have fallen off the bandwagon, but the past two weeks have been quite the whirlwind for our family. My husband is in the military, and two weeks ago he deployed to the Middle East for the next year. It has been a struggle trying to adjust to his absence, but hopefully things will begin to calm down and I can resume my crafting and blog once again. Last week I found the time to complete a minor project: a tote bag. In two weeks my daughter, Claire, and I will be taking a road trip to Colorado. We’ll spend the month visiting with some old friends, and enjoy a bit of vacation time. In preparation for our trip, I made my daughter this bag to store some of her “for the road” goodies to keep her occupied during the 13 hr drive. I really love the way it turned out, and it’s the perfect size for her to carry.


Claire's "Toddler Tote"




Interior that is also reversible



I had made a few of these for presents this past Christmas, and figured it was time to make one for my little girl. Tote dimensions are approximately 13.5″ across and 11″ deep. It measures 19″ from top of shoulder straps to base of bag. The pockets also measure 8.5″ x 6.25″. I made the pattern using a paper bag.


I also made a matching “Picasso Wrap”. It holds 8 crayons (standard to jumbo). Even found some cute ribbon to match. 🙂



Picasso Wrap; all rolled up.


I decided to make a small bag to hold misc. pieces or snacks with some fabric scraps. I added the denim heart and buttons for a cute personal touch. The closure is velcro (I didn’t have a zipper on hand).



Change Purse Baggie



Earlier this week I ordered a few books from Amazon: Sewn With Love: Classic Patterns for Children’s Clothes and Accessories by Fiona Bell and Sew Serendipity: Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear by Kay Whitt. Both had great reviews, so I am looking forward to making a few things from them. If you are familiar with either book, and have any suggestions or recommendations, please leave me a comment.

Until next time…. stay ambitious! 🙂

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Getting to know you…

Are introductions really necessary on one’s blog? I mean, there really isn’t anything spectacular to tout about who I am or what I do. I’m not famous, I’m not rich, and to some people I wouldn’t be particularly interesting. I have the intention of making this a “sewing/crafting diary” of some sort. Hopefully you will get to know a little bit more about me as I adventure through new projects. 🙂

I’ve always been artistic, but sitting behind a sewing machine has always seemed like a daunting task. For years I hand pieced and sewed quilt blocks, or hemmed my pants or skirts with only a needle and thread. I even had hand sewn my curtains. A few months ago, though, I decided to take the plunge and bought a $40 basic sewing machine on Craigslist. It was a small investment for something I wasn’t sure would last. I’m often guilty of starting a project and losing interest before finishing it. My motivation, though, was to complete a few baby shower gifts for some friends. This is where my addiction for reading other sewing and craft blogs began. As I researched various patterns and techniques to make a burp cloth or a bib, I found countless posts that were not only helpful, but immensely inspiring. I, too, wanted to create such beautiful things!

My first projects were a few burp cloths and some bibs, a diaper changing pad, and a stuffed rattle.


Burp cloths and elephant rattle for Ethan



Burp Cloths for Baby Amelia

Pocketed bibs to match the burp cloths


These were a ton of fun to make, and I proudly whore’d my wares on my Facebook page for my friends and family to see (after they’d been gifted, of course).

My friends and family took a lot of interest in my projects, and a few suggested that I set up shop on So, after contemplating their advice, that’s what I did, and Little Lotte was born.

I’d love any input on my projects, especially since I am so new to all of this. If there is a better way to do something, or if anyone would like to know how I did something, I’d be glad to oblige. If you are interested in my Etsy store, you can check it out at .

Until next time… stay ambitious! 🙂

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A New Ambitious Endeavor

I suppose I’ll start off my new blog with it’s very first post! For those of you just stumbling upon my page… Welcome! Yes, it is rather sparse looking now, but i have some high hopes after oogling over other fellow-crafter’s pages. I mean, how could I not want my very own blog after seeing all of the neat things people have created!?

Why start a blog? Well, aside from being a Scanner personality (you know.. one of those people who have to try EVERYTHING, and be good at it?), I wanted a place to organize my sewing and craft projects rather than smearing them all over my Facebook page.

So here we have it… post numero uno!  Until next time… stay ambitious! 🙂


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